ill bring my own tshirt

ill bring my own tshirt

to sleep in your bed

i know how this goes

this story i’ve read

the pile of tshirts

that I collect

the one nighters

the story writers

the nipple biters

they all fuck with my head

your shirt wraps around me

when your arms are tied up

with her in your bed

and you’re filling her cup

don’t mind me here

in your shirt for the night


it was real

the lust in your eyes

no need to worry

i’ll be just fine

no wrongs to be righted

it’s in your design

maybe I’ll hide it

away in my car

so I don’t have to feel you

or want for your arms

tonight I will burn it

in the fire you made

under the moon

and the stars

this tshirt you gave me

the cycle continues

my pile of tshirts

to give to the thrift store

every time my heart hurts

so thanks but I brought one

to sleep for the night

kiss me

then leave me

it will all be alright

my tshirts and I

and my fire


our lust burns




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