is this thing on

how i am writing today, in his – whoever he is – tshirt, no bra, no panties, seek n find the toy . . .

. . . y e s . . .

a toy.

oh, the joy

the joy of toys

single as a light pole in the middle of a lonely corn field

no way to draw power




from the outside

so yes anyways i am writing in his shirt

he is a closed door

i wish i would stop thinking about him

HE was lucky to have ME

my attention

my lust



dont know where the world is headed

it is a challenge

to focus

on a relationship

when 100 more women

are knocking down his door

does anyone want a committed relationship

just because we’ve failed once

or twice

or repeatedly as the sun rises and sets

does it mean that we are not worthy of that one



to fulfill our need for companionship

it burns

the lonely


so i sit here

in my power

within my power

is fire

fire to burn him

fire to burn within me

time is coming

for us to be brought to the table

to confess

our sins

*five minute flow series – no edits allowed*

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