in her bed

i sip the champagne slowly

as you look deep in my eyes

we dine together naked

it’s only a matter of time

till you take me where

i want to be

tied up to her bed

the sin inside my mind

becomes the thought

inside your head

together we fall deeper

into this pit of sin

amongst death and vipers

you find your way right in

my hands tied to my ankles

my face pressed to her sheets

your body building slowly


now we meet

my cries outloud are muffled

the sheets are wet with sweat

i ask you to release me

you say “no baby, not yet”

you rise up within me

i arch to meet your stride

you fill me with redemption

but the sheets will never lie

hold me just for now

because forever is the sin

of our little tainted moment

when you came within

Ruby Rose xx

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