i write for

the sinners

the losers

the dweebs

the jokers

the snoozers

the posers

smoking weed

i write for

the lowly

the high on their cloud

i write for

the whores

speaking obscenities loud

i write for

the churches preaching on sin

i write for

possessed souls

trapped deep within

i write

to repent

i write from the soul

i write for

the lepers with no where to go

i write for

the crazy

the broken down trolls

i write for

the gay

who feel locked out of their homes

i write for

the haters

i write for

the liars

i write for

the killers

the players

the dark sin suppliers

i write

underneath the same clouds

we all see

i write

to abandon

i write

to set free

Ruby Rose xx

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