you think you know me

but you don’t

you see

i only let you in so far

but the real me

is deep underneath

you don’t know me

i am white

i am brown

i am black as George too

oppressed like a weed

trampled under a shoe

you don’t know me brother

i am not woman

i am not man

leave me alone here

with this torch

in my hand

you want to rage

well I’m raging too

for the world we all live in

seeking our truths

let’s burn it all down

i bet that’s the right cleanse

let’s all hate each other

that makes the most sense

look into the whites of my eyes

you’ll see

i don’t know you

you don’t know me

in a world made of colors

black white and blue

just let me do me

i’ll let you do you

Ruby Rose xx






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