my angel has cowboy boots

i’ll drive to the foot of the mountain

and lie down by your grave

i’ll wear my prettiest sun dress

will you give me a place to lay?

the world has gone a bit crazy

i’m glad you are not here

let’s drink a beer together

maybe I’ll cry some tears

you are my eyes in the sky

help me find my way

i’m tired

it’s lonely here

i’m falling

sometimes I forget to pray

beneath the beautiful sky

near the field where the horses roam

at the foot of the mountain range

is this tomb that you call home

i miss you friend

it’s real

this grass beneath my feet

the flowers are getting dusty

near your grave

on the side of the street

i drove the miles to see you

here we are

two troubled souls

just like old times talking

back when the good times rolled

i just wanted to sit here today

and feel a bit of your soul

because when my heart gets heavy

i close my eyes

and call you home.

Ruby Rose xx






like follow and then hug the ones you love bc tomorrow is not yet granted…




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