this might hurt a little


this might hurt a lot

this may be a big mistake

but maybe it is not

all the hurts that came before

have left us scarred & bruised

i know what you mean

when you say you’re hurting too

the only way to know

is to let the old wounds heal

build up a new chapter

with new feelings

that are real

the scars will always be there

but each day they fade away

i see light each time

i look into your face

it will take a while to heal

it will take some time to know

another cut may come

that’s the way this goes

trust is a ticking time bomb

just waiting to be played

the only way to know

is to step up to the plate

under all the layers

where your cut flesh is fresh

is the place I want to start

loving you

knowing you

showing you

that our love is the best.

Ruby Rose xx






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