the day i decided to believe in us

i will meet you here

where my toes touch the sand and the sea

to watch for you on the horizon

the day you sail back to me

i feel the tide pull me to you

as the waves roll in then roll out

i watch the as the sands wash away

the tide moving farther out

it’s still morning here my darling

where are you sailing today

are you on the island of lost boys

taking a detour on your journey to play?

it matters not to me lover

because this much i know

the tide pulls you back to me nightly

in our dreams

wherever you go

i do not fear your horizons

they are yours

and you are free

i know your heart is captive

by your dreams

by the ocean

by me

so ride all the waves till tomorrow

or next month

or even next year

i will come to our spot to watch for you

i’ll wait for you lover

right here.

Ruby Rose xx






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